Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why isn’t the list of IDPs under security forces published! – Bimal asks Milinda

JVP Parliamentarian Bimal Rathnayake has asked Minister of Justice and Law Reforms Milinda Moragoda on what grounds the government doesn’t publish the list of names of the IDPs who surrendered and also of those who were apprehended after the war.
In his letter Mr. Rathanayake states
At the consultative committee on Justice and Law Reforms held in July I inquired regarding IDPs who surrendered to the government and those who were apprehended after the war. Deputy Minister Puthrasigamani informed me that there were about 15,000 IDPs with the government. I asked that a list of names of those IDPs to be presented to the Parliament and said that courts should be established in the North and take legal action regarding the guilty. I reminded this again at the consultative committee meeting held in August. You said a policy decision should be taken regarding the matter and that you would inform the decision taken within two weeks. It is more than two weeks since you have stated this but the government’s stand on giving out information regarding IDPs has not been announced.
It is necessary to take legal action regarding prisoners who surrendered to government security forces or who were arrested during the war. By detaining them without any such action been taken would lead to serious repercussions. There are many such unpleasant experiences in the history of our country. There could be an unhealthy foreign intervention in the affairs of our country making use of the IDP issue. Also, it is essential that judicial action be taken against suspects and guilty to consolidate the supremacy of the law and order in the country. Various allegations against Sri Lanka regarding this issue could be avoided only by revealing information regarding IDPs and taking legal action regarding them. Hence, I expect that you would take measures to inform the government’s stand on the matter and inform the Parliament regarding IDPs. I would expect an immediate response from you.


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