Friday, September 11, 2009

Nicobar’s Capital Remains In Darkness for Almost Two Weeks For Want of Fuel

Sep 10, 2009 at 10:32 PM
Car Nicobar, Sept. 10:
(Staff Correspondent):
The entire island of Car Nicobar has been in darkness for almost two weeks for want of diesel & petrol. All development activities have come to a stand still and even the govt. employees posted in various establishments in the islands are forced to cycle to their offices after the public transport service stopped.
“This is not a new thing in Car Nicobar. But we have to tolerate it every time as no permanent solution is being worked out by the authorities”, said a resident of Car Nicobar.
“The busses of State Transport Service which connected the villages have cancelled its trips. And people who own their vehicles have locked it up in their homes. There have been regular power cuts and we are forced to live in darkness”, he said.

The only place where ships can berth as on date is the Mus Jetty. The other jetty at Malacca was washed up during the tsunami of December 2004 but even after five years after tsunami, there is no effort made to repair and restore the jetty.
The berthing of ships depended on the winds and berthing station had to be shifted when the winds changed its direction. Now that there is only one jetty at Mus Village, the islanders have to suffer.
“Atleast we are lucky that we haven’t run out of food. But if the weather worsens further it will be a tsunami like situation again in the island”, a villager said.

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