Friday, November 16, 2012

WORLD SHIPPING FORUM-2013:All roads lead to Chennai

Published in Sagar Sandesh Maritime Weekly

In its continuous effort to underpin technological advancements in maritime with business, the Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Chennai Branch, is organizing an international conference traditionally named as “WORLD SHIPPING FORUM-2013”, from Feb. 7 to 9 next year in Chennai.
Organised once in four years, the conference brings together people with diverse interests in marine related businesses to share their ideas and experiences on a common platform.
Speaking to Sagar Sandesh about the world renowned event in the maritime sector, Mr. K. Shankar, Chairman, The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Chennai Branch, said: “We at the Institute feel it is our bounden duty to provide this platform to you all and highly value your contribution at the forum.”
The global event is receiving a lot of mileage and the three-day event will have much interaction amongst the participating delegates on various topics of interest to the shipping industry, he stated.
The focus of discussion will be on the quality of Indian seafarers in today’s technology driven world and their attrition rate, more so when India is considered as the leading nation providing human resources for the industry.
For the benefit of industry, The Times Group and The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Chennai Branch, have co-created to bring out “A Coffee Table Book’ titled “Quality of Sea Farers – The Mentors” during the Plenary Session on Feb. 7.
The technical session proposes to have a detailed panel discussion on “Maritime Education – An Outlook towards the Future”, that will analyze the shortcomings of the training system, finding the right personnel to man the ships, their attrition rate, qualitative checks by statutory bodies, upgradation of knowledge to be in tune with the changing technology, e-learning, etc.

WSF 2013: A springboard for future growth
Forum Convenor, World Shipping Forum-2013
Shipping is “business with a global reach”. It is truly a global industry with key skills and services widely distributed between East and West, North and South.
Singapore has been recently identified as the leading Maritime Centre. This shows shipping still has an appetite for seeking and exploiting new opportunities despite overall economic adversity. The ship owner in Chennai needs trade from China negotiated through its branch in Singapore and build a ship in Japan / Korea through the legal process in London with finance from New York. This is what makes shipping business compelling for all of us.
The Organizing Committee of The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Chennai Branch, extends its warm greetings, felicitations and wishes to inform you that the core issues concerning the shipping  industry are being discussed and analyzed during an International Symposium that is scheduled to be held during February 2013.
The global trade is steadily moving towards India / China. India definitely is the vision of the future for the Shipping Industry and the International Community is eager to pounce on an opportunity to widen its activities.
“World Shipping Forum-2013” with its theme “Future of Shipping – Challenges and Sustainability” will serve as a platform for discussions on topics ranging from Technical, Commercial, Finance and Investments, Insurance, Safety and Environment, Ports and Infrastructure Development, Human  Resources, Statutory Regulations & future challenges. Kindly visit for more details about the international event.
With your whole-hearted support and participation, we sincerely hope an eventful interaction on the
various topics will fine-tune our focus to overcome the turbulent yet challenging trends of the future.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and The Institute of Marine Engineers (India), Chennai Branch,
we extend a warm invitation to you and your organization to actively participate in this “World Shipping Forum-2013” to be held in Chennai from 7.2.2013 to 9.2.2013. We are sure your participation will set the stage for active discussion and vigorous interaction.

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