Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Editorial: Modi Ji, Concentrate on Economy, other issues can wait


Port Wings, Oct 14, 2015:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his aggressive election campaign in 2014 often repeated before the crowd that his experience in governance in State of Gujarat would help to ensure good governance in Union Government as well as to ensure India is back on its feet as a global economic power.
However, 16 months have passed by now and there is not a single sign of utilization of Gujarat experience has seen anywhere from the Modi-led Government as for as the economic affairs are concerned, as EXIM figures falling continuously without any support from the government.
On the other hand, Modi’s Gujarat experience seems to be got its way into New Delhi’s policies as a few pointers like cow-slaughter issues, beef ban, Hindification of India and saffronisation of education system are clearly indicating what is the Modi-Government’s priorities at the Centre now.
Well, these planks are the well-known facets of the organization, which gave birth to BJP and fed the party until now to accomplish its unfinished agendas in the country. But the voters, who selected the party and elected Mr Narendra Modi lead the nation last year, has had their hopes pinned on him as his speeches inspired them a lot.
But to their dismay, the economy is running on its own and the Modi government is still unable to identify the black holes in the system and rectify it before they attain a monstrous proportion thus bringing down the entire financial system of the country.
Even though the reports on EXIM merchandise month after month has been clearly indicating the need for urgent response from the government, nothing as concrete as actions moved beyond the board rooms of the government offices.
At this critical juncture, where the government’s priority has to be on bringing back the economy on track, Modi-led government is busy playing to the gallery.
Furthermore, the Modi government’s general image of being pro-corporate and pro-capitalist has also suffered very badly of late as the very corporate world, except a few, seems disappointed with him and his way of treating the elite herd.
Corporate honchos, who were among his team of cheerleaders in his initial months, are now openly speaking about how the Modi government lost its sheen over the period.
They openly blame the government is not helping the corporate world with tax reliefs neither is it making good on its promise of delivering.
Furthermore, the disappointment, which runs deep within the corporate world as well as among the start-ups too, has a cascading effect on the already fragile economy.
So, the time has come for the Modi-led government to turn its full focus towards bringing back economy on track than spending more time to non-issues like beef-ban and so on. 

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