Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Modi is duty-bound to reveal outcome of his foreign tours

Port Wings Editorial:
May 27, 2015:

Ever since taking office in May 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Bhutan, Brazil, Nepal, Japan, United States, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji, Nepal, Seychelles, Mauritius, Singapore, France, Germany, Canada, China, Mongolia, and South Korea.

And there are reports coming out from PMO that in another few days time, Modi is expected to fly on another tour.
Modi’s foreign tours have drawn a lot of attention, praise and criticism from various quarters. 
While the main opposition party Indian National Congress has termed the tours as self-promotion of “Brand Modi” than the country he representing as the elected representative, BJP has categorically countered the accusation and stated that PM Modi’s foreign tours are indeed aimed at building a momentum before the global community that India has reached its stature for a greater responsibility and fully deserves a Permanent Seat in the United Nation’s Security Council.
However, given the PMO’s staunch denial to RTI queries seeking details, outcome and expenditures of such tours, the praja, which has voted him to become the Prime Minister of India, asymmetrically   divided over the PM’s frequent foreign tours and its actual results.
The social media, which had helped the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of India, last May, has seen a war of words between the sympathizers of BJP and Congress in the last few weeks particularly on Modi’s unwarranted jibes on the Congress Party on foreign soil.
The whole idea of Narendra Modi’s foreign tours came under severe criticism in the social media think-tanks and a few of them even went on to the extent that Modi becomes the flying Prime Minister with no time for visiting the rural India, which has given the BJP party a concrete mandate to govern the world’s largest democracy.
Indeed, a few of those thinkers were right in blaming the denigration of institution, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who ought to be present at the Parliament, when it is in session, decided to go on tours giving scant regard to the Temple of Democracy.
Modi’s foreign trips have been highly publicised by media and many have criticised him for ignoring issues back at home, most recent bashing has come from Rahul Gandhi who stated that PM is busy visiting foreign countries very often, but he doesn’t go to the houses of farmers and labourers in India.
Even though the BJP has brought in a battery of spokespersons to defend such voices against the PM’s foreign tours, time has come to tell the real outcome of his foreign tours.
Social media is a regular bashing ground for PM’s trips abroad. The BJP’s line of PM’s foreign trips have been designed to meet India’s foreign policy of improving relations with various nations falls flat on a point that the country has a regular Foreign Minister and she is capable.
Until unless the Prime Minister comes out with a concrete details about the actual outcome on his foreign tours undertaken till now, people will be continue to believe that Modi is indeed touring the world as a tourist using Indian taxpayers’ money.

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