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Customs Connects Kattupalli Port to all CFSs in Chennai for Exports

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Giving a new option for export of containerized goods for EXIM fraternity in South India, Chennai Customs House  has issued a notification enabling L&T Kattupalli Port to connect all CFSs in Chennai for Exports on Jan 16.It may be noted that Kattupalli Port was already connected to all CFSs in Chennai for Imports since March 2014.
kict-logoKattupalli offers direct delivery of imports to ACP clients, also all ICDs and SEZs are already connected in customs ICEGATE system. Exports of factory sealed containers, SEZs and ICDs are already connected. Kattupalli with its world class facilities and congestion free approach roads provides trade and industry a modern and efficient gateway port at Chennai.
According to a public notice from Chennai Customs Commissionerate-II, many representations have been received from various stakeholders including trade, requesting for permitting port to port transshipment of export goods from the Chennai Sea Port to L & T Kattupalli Port.
According to EXIM fraternity, the notification will help the port to capitalise on the growing export market in the region as well as pose a huge challenge to Chennai Port  in future.
Based on the representations, the DG system was entrusted with the work of development of module in the ICES 1.5, for port to port transshipment.
As the system syncing could take some more time, the Chennai Customs has come out with a temporary procedure to permit such movements, hence the notification.
Under the arrangement, the CHA/exporter, Exporters who want to route their goods through L&T Kattupalli Port should file checklist for Shipping Bill for the purpose of assessment at Chennai Custom House with INKAT1 as port code. The Assessment of Shipping Bill for exports through Kattupalli Port is already done at Chennai Custom House by the EDC Section. This practice would continue.
The export goods, which are to be routed through L&T Port, have to be brought to the designated CFS's which are attached to INMAA1 for examination and stuffing in the presence of the Customs officer. The officers present at the concerned CFS would be given the login for INKAT1 for the purpose of examination. The Customs officers posted to the CFSs where the goods brought for examination should register the goods with L&T CFS as warehouse code. Then, the goods will be examined and the examination report will be submitted on ICES 1.5 under the INKAT1 site using the Warehouse Code pertaining to L&T CFS. In the departmental comments, the officer has to specifically mention the CFS at which examination is being done. Let Export Order (LEO) will be given by the concerned officer at the same CFS. The container will be sealed in the presence of the Customs Officer and stuffing report will be entered.
Subsequent to stuffing, the containers should be pasted with preprinted labels of size not less than 30cm x 30cm bearing the marks "L&T Port" in red color on white background and shall also be pasted with preprinted labels of size not less than 30cm x 30cm bearing the name of the CFS in short form. Then these containers will be allowed to move to L & T Port, after generating the gate passes and other procedures as usual.
The list of export goods with Shipping Bill Number, Container Number, Seal Number, Gate Out time, CFS Name, Gate Pass Number, trailer number, driver name, licence details and any other details required by Customs have to be submitted by the Custodians of respective CFSs to the AC (CFS) and AC/DC (Docks-Admin) in soft form on daily basis.
Upon reaching the L&T Port, the Preventive Officers posted on gate therein should verify the container number, seal number, intactness of container, intactness of seal, any signs of tampering of seal as well as containers and shall permit entry of the same inside the Port and shall sign "allowed for shipment" on the shipping bill.
Besides, L&T Port have to maintain the record of all these containers including Shipping Bill Number, Container Number, Seal Number, Gate Out time, CFS Name, Gate Pass Number, trailer number, driver name, licence details, Gate in time at L&T Port and any other details required by Customs in electronic form and submit the same to the AC (Port) and AC/DC (Docks-Admin) on daily basis, which will be considered as Landing Certificate. All these records will be tallied with the list received from the CFSs and any discrepancy noticed would be taken up further action as appropriate.
On completion of these procedures, the containers will then be loaded onto the vessel for the purpose of export as per the normal procedure at Kattupalli Port (INKAT1). EGM will be filed for Kattupalli Port. The drawback will be processed and EP copy will be generated as usual at Chennai Custom House.
The Custodians of the CFSs willing to avail of this facility should apply for the same to Enquiry Section of the Custom House. After the completion of inspection of those CFSs for demarcation of separate areas for cargo meant for L & T Port, those Custodians of CFSs should submit necessary bond and Bank Guarantee (BG) for export goods as required under Regulation 5(4) of the Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009, to the Enquiry Section, Custom House. The qualifying Custodians can also opt for amending the bond and BG submitted already, instead of executing fresh bond and BG.
Chennai Customs categorically reiterated that the Customs Cargo Service Providers including Custodians are also responsible for the safe and secure transit of goods as per Regulation 6(1)(k) of the Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009.
Besides, the Custodians of CFSs should also execute an indemnity bond undertaking to indemnify the Commissioner of Customs from any liability arising on account of damages caused or loss suffered on export goods, due to accident, damage, deterioration, destruction or any other unnatural cause during their receipt, storage, dispatch, transit from CFS to Port, or otherwise handling of such goods as per Regulation 5(4) of the Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009 , if not executed already.
While the Customs had announced that the notice is with immediate effect, any difficulty is foreseen or arises out of the implementation of the notice, the same may be brought to the notice of the Commissioner of Customs (Chennai II) for early solution.

Name of the CFS   Short Form
1 Vishrutha Logistics Ltd. Vishrutha
2 APM Terminals Inland Services APM
3 Sattva Conware Pvt. Ltd., Ponneri  Sattva3
4 Chandra CFS and Terminal Operators Pvt. Ltd.  Chandra
 5 Ennore Cargo Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd. ECCT
6 D.R. Logistics Pvt. Ltd. DRL
7 Sical Multimodal And Transport Ltd. Sical
8 German Express Shipping Agency (India ) Pvt. Ltd. GESA
9 Trlway Container Freight Station Pvt. Ltd. Triway
10 Sattva CFS and Logistics Private Limited Container Freight Station, Vichoor Sattva2
11 Kailash Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. Kailash
12 Gateway Distriparks (South) Pvt. LTD. GDL
13 Sattva Hi-Tech and Conware Private Limited Sattval
14 Indian Corporate Business Centre Ltd. ICBC
15 Sanco Container Freight Station Sanco
16 Allcargo Logistics Container Freight Station AGL
17 Balmer Lawrie Balmer
18 Continental Warehousing Corporation (Nhava Seva) Ltd., Madhavaram Cont I
19 Sun Global Logistics Private Limited SGL
20 Glovis India Pvt.Ltd. GIL
21 Thiru Rani Logistic Pvt. Ltd. TRL
22 Viking Warehousing Container Freight Station Viking
23 Calyx Container Terminals Private Limited Calyx
24 Continental Warehousing Corporation Ltd., Red Hills Cont II
25 A.S.Shipping Agencies Private Ltd., Numbal Numbal
26 Central Warehousing Corporation, Madhavaram CWCM
27 Central Warehousing Corporation, Virugambakkam CWCV

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