Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bhagwad Gita, Ram Mandir can wait, Growth can’t…


Port Wings Editorial: Dec 17, 2014:

While the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a mission to resurrect the lost image of India in front the developed nations (read potential investors), a few loose cannons from his Bharatiya Janata Party are out to destroy what he had achieved in his first six months.

While a BJP senior leader Ram Naik, now Governor of Uttar Pradesh, leaving behind all protocol to remain a non-partisan given the post, openly advocated for building Ram Temple, another senior leader, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj demanded Bhagvad Gita should be declared a as a national scripture, thus sending shockwaves among the moderates in the country.
Though the BJP’s president Amit Shah tried to douse the matter by discarding them as personal views of those leaders and nothing to do with the NDA or BJP’s agenda for good governance, the fire lit by these senior party functionaries refused to be die down any time sooner.
These latest outbursts by senior party leaders that could derail the whole image of BJP-led Central Government, comes at a critical juncture, where Modi is fast running out of trusted lieutenants to manage the damage control.
According to experts, Prime Minister Modi should rein in on those loose cannons of BJP, who could do more harm than good to the country as well to its well-stitched social fabric. 
Modi has to act transparently on such sensitive issue like this and his stoic silence towards the matter could be construed by the moderate Indians as tacit support to the views aired by those senior leaders.
In the first six months of rule, PM Modi had walked extra miles to change the face of India infront of the global economic powers, who were pessimistic about the emergence of Right Wing BJP to power and its economic policies.
However, Modi, during his overseas visits, pooh-poohed all their unwarranted concerns and emphatically projected the new government at the Centre as business friendly
However, his vision of development for India could crumble like a pack of cards if fanatical views take centre-stage.
Hence, the priority should be GROWTH and development for the Modi government than supporting or mixing jingles with those unwarranted voices.
So, it is time for PM Modi to check the loudness of such unnecessary voices coming out of BJP camp, which are basically meant to confuse the voters and polarise them virtually.

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