Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lack of Cooperation from Tamil Nadu Govt kills Centre’s projects: Trivedi


Port Wings News Network:

In a federal setup like India, we (Centre) can only make repeated requests to the state governments to support Centre-initiated projects and we cannot wage a war against them for not heeding to our requests, Dr. Vishwapati Trivedi, I.A.S., Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, has said.
Speaking to Port Wings on the sidelines of the launching of a new vessel service by the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) from Chennai to Yangon (Myanmar) at Chennai Container Terminal on Oct 3, the Shipping Secretary spoke on various issues pertaining to Shipping Ministry.


Q: Why the congestion at Chennai Port is still continuing?

VT: The port in Singapore, though located in the city, has better road and bridge connectivity and manages the inflow and outflow of vehicles easily. Unless until the connectivity projects like EMRIP and Maduravoyal Elevated Road are completed, the Chennai Port would continue to suffer in congestion.

Q. What is the present status of revival of coal handling at Chennai Port?

VT: Since the Madras High Court banned the handling of dusty cargoes like Iron ore and Coal few years ago, the port has suffered heavily on its revenue. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court. Hence, the port can’t decide on it as of now.

Q: Why the Indian Maritime University’s headquarter still in the dark despite completion?
VT: It is mainly because of lack of cooperation from the Tamil Nadu government.

Q: On IMU issue, the state govt blames that the Ministry of Shipping for the whole mess, what is your opinion on that issue?
VT: Their contention of not obtaining proper approval for IMU HQ building construction does not hold any ground, as the building has been fully constructed and now awaiting for other amenities like electricity and approach roads, which are to be provided by the state government to make it fully functional.

Q: After the new government in Centre, is there any change of mind on the Sethu Canal project?
VT: We are aware of the whole issue surrounding the Sethu Canal Project. New government and the Shipping Minister are also seized of the matter. They will take a decision on the future of the project very soon.

Q: Given the age-old demand for such service, will the Shipping Ministry launch a passenger service from Chennai to Yangon?
VT: We have already done some study about starting a passenger service between Chennai and Yangon, as most of the expatriates from Yangon lives in and around Chennai.  However, new avenues like this would be fully explored in future.

Q: Elaborate us about the “Make in India “initiatives for shipyards to make LNG ships?
VT: The building of three liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier ships of the proposed nine to be acquired by the Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) would be done in India. These highly technical and expensive projects which would cost around Rs 1,500 crore each, has been assigned to Cochin, Kattupalli and Pipavav Shipyards in India, while the rest of the six would be built in somewhere else, while all are expected to be operated by the Shipping Corporation of India.


  1. As mentioned by Mr Trivedi all the buildings have been constructed. But IMU did not seek any permission needed by laws for the new HQ buildings. The Constitution of India has clearly divided the powers/authorities of the Central and State Governments. In a federal structure the Central Government should follow the Constitution and comply with the legal requirements of the respective states where they operate.

    Probably Mr Trivedi has been given wrong informations by the people concerned.

    All the new IMU HQ buildings are illegal and without any approval for town planning, environment, etc. In spite of that CMDA is taking steps for grant of approval. Even now the approval is pending only because the IMU is not complying with the legal requirement for grant of post facto approval (though in similar cases the the Honourable Courts have ruled that unauthorised structures put-up after a cut ff date can not be regularised).

    It is unreasonable to say that they have already constructed the buildings and so approvals should be given. The permission can not be granted when it is against the law without IMU ATLEAST NOW complying with requirements presently needed to provide the permission.

    The below link provides information on why the approval is still pending for more than a year after this news item appeared.


  2. Thanks a lot enlightening me on IMU HQ issue

  3. Here is something more to show that the CMDA and TN Govt are taking extra efforts for early approvals to Indian Maritime University.

    The IMU buildings violate Development Regulations. The height of the Dome and the height of Compound Wall are more than the permitted limits. For such violations the applicant/builder should take necessary steps for compliance.

    But CMDA itself forwarded a proposal to the govt recommending relaxation of limits for IMU. Based on this, the state govt passed a G.O. granting needed relaxation subject to conditions.

    IMU should satisfy the conditions for CMDA to grant permissions. Electricity, Water, etc connection can be provided only when proper permissions are available. (The honourable courts have repeatedly ruled that electricity connection should not be provided to buildings NOT having Plan Approvals and Completion Certificates.)

    So it is not fair to blame the State Govt for the lapses of IMU.

    The above matter has not yet come to the notice of media.

  4. அண்ணே, நேர்காணலும் அதைப்பற்றி அநாமதேயரின் செய்தியுள்ள விமரிசனமும் சுவரசியமனதுதான். கடல்சார் பலகலைகழக சமாச்சாரமே தனிரகம்தான் - தெரிந்து சில விஷயங்கள், தெரியாமல் பல விஷயங்கள் - முதல் துணை வேந்தர் நியமனம், அடுத்த துணை வேந்தர் வந்தது சென்றது, இப்போதைய துணை வேந்தர் நியமனம் என பல - ஆனால் புதிய செய்தி - ஜெயலலிதாவுக்கு சிறை தண்டனை கிடைத்த பின்னணியில் - இந்த வலைத்தளத்தில்