Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Minister allays fears of port users in Goa

CAPTION:Union Shipping Minister G. K. Vasan and Union Shipping Secretary P. K. Sinha jointly cutting the ribbon to mark the inauguration of the India Maritime-2012 exhibition at Panaji, Goa,  on Oct. 17, as Chairmen of Goa, JNPT and Chennai ports look on.

-Vasan injects a new lease of life
-Goa Port is passing through difficult times for some time, as arrival of its main cargo items - coal and iron ore - had been stopped abruptly 
-In future the port will handle container also.
In an attempt to keep the stakeholders of shipping and export-import fraternity in Goa happy, who were facing uncertain future due to sudden stoppage of coal and iron ore handling at Goa Port, Union Shipping Minister G.K. Vasan has announced that his Ministry is taking efforts to convert the port into a multi-cargo handling port.
Making the much-anticipated announcement during the inauguration of the India Maritime-2012, organized at Panaji, Goa, Mr. Vasan said: “Shipping Ministry is making sincere efforts to utilize Goa Port facility as multi-product handling port.”
It may be noted here that the Goa Port is passing through difficult times for some time, as arrival of its main cargo items - coal and iron ore - had been stopped abruptly due to various reasons. Because of the sudden stoppage, EXIM fraternity in Goa is in jitters over financial commitments and counting the losses day by day.
The Minister stated: “We are aware of the difficulties faced by the Goa Port. It has to depend on a few cargoes like iron ore and coal. We are making efforts to diversify the cargo needs of the port to achieve some success in utlising the port for wheat export by Food Corporation of India (FCI) and also export and import of medicine
In future the port will handle container also, he added.
Facing uncertain future due to the sudden stoppage of both the cargo, EXIM fraternity and the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) had represented the issue to various agencies, including the Shipping Ministry, for early solution to tide over the crisis.
Speaking to Sagar Sandesh, Mr Manguirish N Pai Raiker, President of Goa Chamber, said: “Mining is one of the main industries in Goa and majority of the people here are linked to the mining operations one way or the other. Sudden stoppage of coal and iron ore had made our lives uncertain.”
“Until the crisis ends, we appeal to the Government and the concerned departments to take action to ease financial burdens faced by the industry,” Mr. Raiker pleaded. 

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