Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chennai student stabs 'strict' teacher to death

By Kumar Chellappan
Tamil Nadu, a state known for its model teacher-student relation, went chillon Thursday when a 15-year-old schoolboy murdered his Hindi teacher in the class room in front of his classmates.
Thirty-nine year old Uma Maheswari, the Hindi teacher of the St Mary’s Anglo Indian School, situated just opposite to Madras High Court, was stabbed in the neck, stomach and back by the student (name withheld as he is a minor).
Father A Bosco, the school administrator, told reporters that the incident took place at 10 50 in the morning. Though Uma Maheswari was rushed to General Hospital, she had succumbed to the wounds.
The boy, who rushed out of the classroom was overpowered by the school staff and handed over to the police. He had been sent to the juvenile home. According to Father BoscoUma Maheswari used to write in the school diary about the not so satisfactory performance of the student in his studies and he got enraged over this. The administrator also said that the boy had come to the class with the knife hidden in his bag.
He ran ahead of the rest of the class mates to enter the classroom, to see the teacher sitting on her chair. He went up to her, drew out the knife and began stabbing her,” said Bosco. The few students in the classroom were so dazed and shocked that they could not believe what they were seeing. Soon they raised an alarm that brought the teachers from other classes, who rushed the bleeding Maheswari to the government hospital, where she was declared brought dead.
Most of the students described the teacher as an affable person. Students, parents and teachers were yet to come out of the shock over such a ghastly killing inside a school, described as the first of its kind in the state, according to police officials.

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  1. I request to all. That do not blame Teacher Or a Student. At home even Parents suffer a lots to handle they child. Teacher to handle in a class to teach 40 to 50 student is not a Joke. Beside a parents should teach our child well at home & teach there child well manners at home ever things, Be-gains at home. I hope that child will be consider and need to be send for concilling & further studies in Prison school atleast he will know what he as done