Tuesday, December 20, 2011

19 Year Old Mother of Three


I had never in my life heard or met a 19 year old mother of three. And in my wildest dream, I would never have imagined that one would exist anywhere in the world until I met Itungu Zonnet at the ISIS-WICCE Expo in Kasese, 350 kilometres (220 miles) West of Kampala.

I had a lot of questions for her and so did the world. So I ventured to the social media (Facebook and Twitter) to politely ask them to front Questions for Zonnet. Below, she answers those questions.
Please tell me a brief about yourself – @echwalu
I am called Itungu Zonnet, 19 years old and a mother of three. My first born is 5 years (Mumbere Robert), second born is 3 years (Fiona Muhindo) and the third born is 5 months old (Bombale Richard).
How does it feel being a mother at your age- Paul Menya
I feel proud as a mother. Its problems that have pushed me into being a mum at this age. I wanted to go to school, I wanted to stay in school but the money was not there that’s why I had to opt for marriage.
What was your first reaction when you go to know you were pregnant? @echwalu
I was somehow scared and decided to stay indoors. It was the first time I had slept with a man. It was until after 6 months that’s when I started going for antenatal. But I had just dropped out of school because of school fees and did not have that many options available for me. So I was able to accept my condition.
“Did anyone ever tell you it’s your right to say NO to a man wanting to have sex with you?” Susanne Possing
Its not like i had many options then?
Tell us about your deliveries. @omuteso 
My birth was very normal. I pushed my first, second and third without any complications. So yes, I was lucky to have normal deliveries. I think because I never missed my antenatal visits at Kagando Hospital.
How do you economically handle such a family at your tender age? @pkahill and @maureenagena
I work and dig in different peoples’ gardens and that’s the only way I get money to feed my kids. It from that little that I buy clothes, medicine and food for my children. Accommodation is a problem as I don’t own land and so I live in different homes given to me for free. But right now am living in my in laws rentals.
Do you get support from your Husband? @omuteso
My husband tries to give me help but he too does not have a job. So we do the same all try looking for work in peoples gardens and get paid.
Are you proud of your children? @MeRy71
Yes, of course. I love my children very much even if I am struggling to take care of them.
If you were given a second chance, what would you do with your life @RosebellK
I want to go back to school. I think my life stopped when I started having children. And in five years time, I hope I would be back to school on track to being a nurse so that I would take care of my children.
Do you plan to have more children? @echwalu
Right now, I don’t plan to add another child but I hope to give it a break for 6 years before I can maybe get another child. Hopefully that’s when I would have got a job, earning a salary where I can take care of my kids.

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